Kids Training Car For Sale

Yueton’s kids trainning car products have a very participatory amusement equipment. Tourists can personally driving collision entertainment games training cars, is a very entertaining and exciting amusement equipment. Visitors driving bumper cars, chasing each other, collision, have fun. Wide applicability, easy operation and easy disassembly. This product is used for amusement parks and other entertainment venues can have a good atmosphere of entertainment, but also can have a higher return on investment.

Kids Trainning Car For Sale

Model Number: YTBC-KTC001
Capacity: 2P
Vehicle weight: 150kg
The max speed: 5-7Km / h
Power: 24V180W / 24V230W / 24V350W
Remote control distance: 300 meters
Battery Charger: Portable Smart Charger
Battery capacity: 12V100AH / only
Charging time: 2 fast charge -10 slow charge hours
Body and outer bracket steel frame + fiberglass shell
Audio car MP3, high fidelity speakers

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